“Soooo delicious! Loved the soup! Loved the bread!”

“Lisa B”

“That cornbread was amazing!”

Shirley D

“Wow! Outstanding soup and the cornbread! I don’t need dessert!” – 

Meryl M

“Five star rating for the cheddar chowder and apple bread. Our little loaves were nearly perfect! “

Erin M


Sue G

“The best cornbread! It was a hit in our household!”

Kelci K

“Wow, we all really enjoyed our first delivery of soup and bread. What a difference it made to take one thing off our busy evening to-do list! Thank you so much! We can’t wait for next week!”

Erin H

“I thought the portion size was very generous. The soup was flavorful and chocked full of chicken, without being too spicy.  (I’m not a super spicy food person.) The cornbread was AMAZING! Usually with cornbread, I can take it or leave it, but your cornbread was a definite keeper”

Stacey M

“It lived up to the hype. That soup was amazing!”

Dana T

“The Cheddar Chowder was delicious.  I’m always a fan of anything with a healthy dose of potatoes in it.”

Kerry G

“So we loved the beef and barley. The kids even fought over the leftover tonight…”

Katherine A

The cheddar chowder was amazing!

Meryl M

“I loved the Beef + Barley soup so much that I didn’t end up sharing it with anyone else – except asking my kids to each try a spoonful 🙂  They both thought it was tasty! – “

Dana M

Cheddar Chowder will definitely be a favorite for the Kosin family! It was delicious and the bread was fantastic.

Kelci K

“I LOVED the cheese and ham soup with apple bread! “

Alyssa H

“Soup and bread was amazing tonight, as always! The boys were surprised to like the chickpeas… I am glad you help me add variety.”

Katherine A